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What I can offer

With a wealth of experience working in almost every area of the voice industry, you can rest assured that when you employ me, your project is in safe hands. I offer a fast, efficient and highly professional service. However big or small the job you will find me thoroughly prepared, punctual and enthusiastic. 


If you're interested in using my voice for your project, or, if you've never hired a voice artist before and want to know a little bit more about how it all works, then, the information below should help you figure out how we can work together. Every project is unique though, so for a tailored service and to get a quote then please get in touch with me.

Simply hire my voice...

A highly experienced voice artist able to work in every medium, based in central London. I charge a Basic Studio Fee and a Usage Fee*.

Hire my voice and my studio...


Around 60% of voice-over you hear is recorded at home! I operate a home studio set-up allowing me to produce and edit with professional quality sound. Ideal for the smaller project. For more information about the tech I use and how it works, get in touch!

Hire me to take care of it all...


As a voice over producer, I can take care of all aspects of your project from casting (you don't even have to use my voice) to booking studio's and sound engineers and ensuring high quality audio gets to you on time and within budget. Get in touch to discuss your audio vision and requirements.

*What is a Basic Studio Fee (BSF)?  And what is Usage?

A BSF is an industry recognised fee for the actual recording session;

 BSF's vary in price depending on the nature of the project but generally range from £150-£300.

A Usage Fee or Royalty Buyout is a separate, additional fee that's calculated based on how long the campaign will run for, how many regions or countries it will be available in and for how long. A usage fee can sometimes be charged with the BSF and it's not always necessary for a voice artist to charge usage at all.

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